Wednesday, August 27

Congratulations to Amy Michelson

Our Amy Michelson Trunk Show last weekend was a HUGE success.  Amy's dresses are beautiful and I was happy to see this feature in Bridal Guide.  Cheers Amy!

Sunday, August 17

Laura Novak Photography

My team laughs at me every time I say " okay , if I ever get married again..." I have this giant list of what I would do and what of course I would never do and the list gets longer every day. It is a bit of a running joke but it provides us with humor in even the most stressful of situations.

So , when Laura Novak sent me these photo's... my " to-do when married again" file immediately opened.

No further explanation... these photo's made me want to get married again [ to my darling husband of 13 years again, of course] There is an unmistakable genuine feel to these photographs that tugs at my inner bride !

Laura has a great blog full of wedding inspiration and eye candy! Thank you for sharing these with us Laura!