Tuesday, October 30

A Barbados Destination Wedding

I couldn't help but post about the very first wedding I collaborated on with Charles Maring. It was a beautiful destination wedding at Sandy Lane in Barbados. It was an amazing experience and I am thrilled to still be working with Charles and Jennifer today on many different projects.

This wedding was featured in Modern Bride Magazine and to this day is still one of my favorites.

Maring Lifestyle Photography

As told by Charles Maring...

I love this image because it resonates what it feels like to be a New Yorker. With a vintage theme, this moment was captured just outside central park on an unusually warm day in January. Couples should think outside the box artistically for their actual wedding album. You can always have the standard color photograph as an 8x10 on the mantle, but I feel the album itself should make an artistic statement that is like nobody else's in the world. Art should be one of a kind.

This bride entered the ceremony via a path in the trees with all of the guests lining the path with candles. This type of moment takes a photographer with a lot of skill, and that knows how far they can push their camera. It is also literally impossible, technically speaking, without the most state of the art and expensive cameras and equipment. Flash would have not only blinded everyone in the dark of night, but would have ruined the ambiance of the image. I love this because it has a romantic glow and feels just like the moment felt in real life. We work without flash even in the dark of night in most cases. The results are just like they look to the eye and the way the higher powers that be planned them. It's organic, it's spiritual, and beautiful to look at.

Moments like this are present at every wedding, and it is so sad that they are missed by most. We look for real moments that are understated, yet magical. Each couple is completely unaware of the camera, and it leaves couples with a true story in their album. After all, who wants their wedding album to look like a fake or fictional dream world, when the world we live in is already awe inspiring?

Photography - An Intimate Series

Introducing a series on wedding photography. Over the next few days please enjoy the artistry of some of my favorite wedding and lifestyle photographers in the world. I have been fortunate enough to work with most of these individuals and am thrilled to share their art.

The first artist in this series is Karen Hill of Karen Hill Photography.
In her words...

My Favorite Photos

There are so many photos to choose from! I have chosen three B&W's that I love. I went to art school so my reasons are more photographic than anything else, but I love the moments recorded in these images, they feel very real.
To me, these images transcend the wedding and become something bigger, something
that describes a more universal feeling. They are memorable moments that connect the viewer to them.
Looking for these moments keeps me engaged and continues to challenge me. It makes my job as the photographer very rewarding. My clients are happy with my work and that makes me happy!

Thank you for sharing Karen!

Fashion, Food + Fun with Badgley Mischka

Join us on Saturday November 10th for a Badgley Mischka Trunk Show! We will feature styles from the 2007 and 2008 collections - Mom's and Maids - these are for you! While shopping enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases made on Saturday.

Arrive early or stay late to visit with Jennie Fresa of Jennie Fresa's Beauty Library. Jennie will teach you techniques for " the perfect lip " and how to avoid shine.

Enjoy a highly stylized brunch and mingle with Metro New Yorks top photographers.

Call the studio to schedule your appointment : 203.354.9791

Saturday, October 27

Favorites - Jewelry + Bags

Selecting the right accessories can make or break an outfit of any kind - especially a wedding day ensemble.

Here are some of my favorite pieces for a bride or wedding party:

Nancy Cohen's handcrafted semi precious jewelry captivates. Her designs can be customized with more than 13 different stones.

Viv and Ingrid

Bag Addiction
Lauren Scherr

Mary Norton

Judith Leiber
While the pricepoint on these bags may not be for everyone, some of Judith's designs can be borrowed from Bag Borrow Steal

Thursday, October 25

Images from Market

Let me first preface this post by saying that I am nothing without the amazing photographers who are able to capture my work on film. I try and I try but photographs and I don't mix. I even purchased a new canon rebel [ thanks Rebecca for the tip ] and let me let you in on a little secret.... the more you spend on a camera means nothing if you can't capture an image. Thank you to my test models during market :)

Kristen, my right hand, organizing in style on the house phone at Soho Grand

Diane and Melissa from Thread looking svelt in Thread Social Design dresses. The new Thread line makes us swoon!

Our friends and fashion leaders - Judy and Margo from Sansappelle [dresses arriving in the studio 12/31 ladies !]]

Kristen outside of the Get Married Lifetime Television Party at Taj in NYC. I was trying to hail a cab and shoot Kristen at the same time - as you can tell another amazing image from the house of Traci Romano.

What can I say about this dress from Lela Rose? - Except that it will find a new home in our studio soon- we can't wait!

After looking at these images I am envisioning a day when I can travel with a photographer at my side at all times - clicking away at the pieces of everyday inspiration that surround us and capturing the essence of our day to day lives as event designers and stylists! A girl can dream can't she!

Tuesday, October 23

This is Where it All Started

About one year ago - we hosted a party in SONO at Chocopologie which is owned by the amazingly talented Fritz Knipschildt - who I am happy to also count as a friend. After hosting this party I was invited by Jamie Collins to pop in the next day to visit her studio and it was also a food network taping day at Sweet Rexies's with " Ham on The Street". So Julia and I jumped into the Yukon and we met with "The Ham" who is hysterical and then I found *IT*.... Our new studio! There was a vacant studio next to Jamie Collins Photography and I new in that instant that I had to have it. It was one of those " a ha " moments. Fast forward to today and we are now in the space for six months - It seems like yesterday. I am just as thrilled as I was the day I first saw the studio.

Pictured above are Mary Marantz and former model turned divine photographer Kristen Jensen. Kristen, Jamie and Mary's work are always available for viewing in our studio. They are members of our research gallery which is complimentary to anyone wanting to find the best and most trusted vendors for their weddings.

Pictured above is Kristen Jensen with Bruce Plotkin[ also a gallery member ]. Below is The Ham with my little peanut - Julia!

Monday, October 22

Market Week in NYC

With two days under our belts at market - all I can say is *AMAZING*. The 2008 collections are so inspiring from Bridal to Bridesmaids, Accessories and everything in between we are so excited about bringing these designs into the studio.

Here's my five minute recap:
Where we are calling home :
SOHO Grand , right around the corner from my old NYC apartment. Most events are taking place in Midtown at the Waldorf and Intercontinental - a quick YUKON ride from the Grand [ yes I brought the YUKON - its part of the family ].

Our favorite purchases so far:
1. Anything and everything by - Erin Cole I love all of our new baubles I think my favorite new piece is an absolutely breathtaking vintage lace cathedral veil - it really took my breath away
2. New designs from Thread - Yes, they will make you love being a bridesmaid . These new deigns are chic and will absolutely take you from the aisle to your next soirée , or date!
It was great to meet Melissa from Thread as well. We have a great picture of Diane and Melissa that will be in our photo recap - -stay tuned.
3. We also bought many new designs from Lynn Lugo - we loved meeting Lynn and Peter in person - they are great people and very talented designers. Look for shorter hems from all bridesmaid designers - higher waistlines and an overall ready to wear feel.
4. SHOES ! We will now be featuring Blue Tux shoes in our studio. Look for metallic silver, gold and bronze bridesmaid shoes to be arriving soon.
5. Tigerlilly - We had the pleasure of meeting Mandy from Tigerlilly. Our favorite buy with Mandy was a gorgeous bracelet that she is custom designing for us to be worn as a bun wrap - Thank you Mandy for letting us chat with the ladies from The Dressing Room in her suite!
6. Our commitment to our clients as a design studio is that we feature extraordinary designs that you can not find elsewhere. Beautiful pieces,most of which are or can be custom deigned--- In keeping this commitment we met with Lela Rose. Lela designs a couture bridal line that is unlike anything else in the bridal market. Her designs are chic and romantic - I am thrilled to announce Traci Romano Events will be featuring Lela's designs in the near future.

okay ... lots more to come - including major namedropping + editorial on the runway shows and parties we attended.

Thursday, October 18

Together In Style

Yesterday we were honored to film a segment for The Luxury Television Site : Together in Style.
Jennifer Maring ,who is the celebrity host of the show, asked us to speak on the topic of Green Weddings. We had a blast!

Together in Style is in their second season of shooting and has quickly become the
" go-to" source for expert advice and is THE ultimate resource for "A-List" Luxury Wedding Vendors

Browse through their website to find "A-List" Resources in your area.

Monday, October 15

Coren Moore Stuns Us!

The ultra talented Bridesmaid Dress Designer Coren Moore has recently launched a bridal collection which is simply stunning - Oh! I want to get married again- . Congratulations Coren!

Sunday, October 14

File Under: Yes you can wear it again!

These striped chiffon dresses have become one of our most popular style Thread Designs for two reasons: They double as a cocktail dresses, and with the striped bodice in two shades of the same color, there’s a subtle design element to it without being a print.

Tuesday, October 9

You want to make a memory?

When I was on my honeymoon [ almost exactly 12 years ago] climbing to the top of a crater I stopped in my tracks -literally as I suddenly smelled the scent of a perfume my Nana wore when she went to Ladies Auxiliary meetings and on special Holidays. My Nana passed away when I was 9 years old ... which made the experience that much more amazing.

In thinking about the power of scent today I immediately recalled that crater and my grandmothers perfume. The smell of her perfume had the ability to bring me back to being a little girl in her house watching her get ready to go out.

The perfume you wear on your wedding day has the ability to create memories for a lifetime. It is one of the details which should not be overlooked when styling your wedding day wardrobe.

Your perfume selection does not need to be expensive, just unique to you. It was rumored that Katie Holmes purchased Clive Christian No. 1, one of the most expensive perfumes in the world, which retails for $2,350 an ounce for her wedding to Tom Cruise. Yikes!

So ladies, let the perfume shopping begin! Deviate from your traditional perfume picks and go on a sensory discovery. Actually stop in the aisles of Department stores and talk to the ladies you normally dodge with their perfume wielding hands.

Search for layering options like Jo Malone [ some of my favorites ] and other perfumeries that create scents for you like CB I Hate Perfume.

Enjoy the Journey!

Monday, October 8

Stacey Kane

Today I found this beautiful pictorial of a wedding photographed by Stacey Kane via The Weddex The images speak for themselves!

Sunday, October 7

Shhh! They're Coming

I am so excited by a recent splurge for the studio. A few weeks ago Kristen and I jumped into the Yukon and headed for The Essex House in they City. I must say for an ex-city dweller I still don't like driving in the city- although short of running out of gas the drive was very smooth.

Once inside the Essex we went straight to the Sansappelle Suite where I couldn't contain the spending. Recently purchased by Margo Ten Eyck [ who we love ]- the couture line is stunning. It is perfect for Mothers of the Occasion and Evening Soirees. Margo shops the markets in Paris for her fabric and every detail is breathtaking.

All of our little buys will be arriving on December 31st - What a New Years Gift. I will continue to post images of the new line as I get them.

Saturday, October 6

Lynn Lugo Fall Promotion

Oooh a Fashion Steal!

From now until November 15th save $20.00 on every Lynn Lugo Dress ... If you purchase 3 or more dresses you will save an additional $25 on each dress.

Lynn Lugo's Delicious Designs at a $45 dollar savings on each dress!


Thursday, October 4

Yes, you might need to remind your fiance that he needs to purchase gifts for his groomsmen

Today I stumbled upon some great gift items for groomsmen while searching through one of my all time favorite sites Z Gallerie.

I think it is just as important to buy individual gifts for the groomsmen as it is for the bridesmaids. The thoughtfulness in selecting a gift that will mean a lot to the person receiving it is priceless.

Here are some items that revolve around the same theme [ beverages ] but you can individualize them for each groomsmen based on their personalities and lifestyle.


Wednesday, October 3

What to wear to Vendor Appointments?

This may seem like a very pedestrian topic...but read on it is interesting!

One of my favorite clients came to my studio last week and said " the florist is mad at me!" After further questioning I realized he was upset because she wore sweats to the meeting.

It wasn't that he wouldn't also like to be in sweats or that he didn't realize working all week in the city in manolo's and chloe dresses wasn't tiring. It was that he wanted to learn more about her sense of style and wasn't able to get a good idea of it while she was in her sweats and flip flops.

Hmmmm...While I actually use design worksheets with clients to define their style profiles with them I realized that some artisans such as this particular floral designer needed to see the visual right in front of him.

I also seem to recall [ and I must go back and read ] in a book that Colin Cowie wrote where he also felt it was important to dress appropriately for vendor meetings.

I see their point! I am not sure I agree - but I am not closing the door on this topic yet. I get to see my clients a lot more than most vendors so their visual presence and style may be harder to ascertain with limited face to face meetings.

Aside from this, whether you have on: jack rodgers, manolo's , nike or crocks [gasp!] you are always welcome through my doors!

Monday, October 1

How cute are these?

Clients often ask me what their flower girls should wear in Fall/Winter. I am a big fan of color year round but wtih any dress it can be made seasonally appropriate with accessories. A beautiful cashmere sweater could warm up any of these style. Shoes change to closed toes [ which are so much more appropriate on little feet ] and how fun are a great pair of dark tights with black patent leather mary janes?

I was recently approached by a flower girl line to invest in their shoes. When I said I would if they came out with a shoe I liked they took the challenge on! I was thrilled. I described the shoe that would be appropriate for all little girls and he said I would have that exact shoe in six months. How is that for customer service? Maybe I should have talked about licensing but that is a conversation for another post.