Saturday, December 22

Justin & Mary - Justin Marantz Photography

Justin & Mary - In their words:

Some of our all-time favorite pictures actually aren't from weddings at all, but from the "get to know you" shoots that we do with every couple that books with us. Our business has been built from the ground up around relationships- relationships with each other, other photographers, our awesome vendor friends (and no one is more awesome than Traci!:), and especially our relationships with our clients. It is 100% because of these relationships that our business has been able to grow as fast and as much as it has.

So, when I look back at our favorite shots and think about how we were able to get them, it always goes back to one important principle that has become the foundation of our business:

our clients are our friends.

And, I have to say... I don't know how we keep getting this lucky, but we have the BEST clients in the world!!

We spend so much time just hanging out with our clients and really getting to know them. You just can't get the level of comfort that we all strive for with our clients without sharing some of your life with them too. And this starts for us from the very first meeting and goes well beyond the wedding day; which is why we were so blessed to have so many of our clients-turned-friends with us at our own wedding this past October.

By far, the most important thing we do for building these friendships is the "get to know you" shoot with our clients when they first book us. We actually got this idea from our dear friend & awesome photographer out in Utah, Davina Fear.

We start with a "GTKY" sheet that asks a bunch of fun questions about the kinds of things the couple likes to do together or places that they've been. Then we also include our own answers so that they have an idea of what we're looking for and get a chance to know us better too. From their answers we plan an entire themed shoot just for them, and we'll spend all day hanging out & shooting it. It's not unusual at all for us to start over breakfast and end well after dinner. And you can see for yourself all the fun that we have in between!

In case you couldn't tell...we LOVE our jobs!!

Monday, December 17

We recently had the pleasure of working with M Benedicte Verley Photography
this summer. The wedding of Emily and Matt [ pictured below ] is featured in the Spring/Summer 2008 of Brides Connecticut which is out in the stands now and available in our studio.

In Bens words....

There is a magical moment when the finger snaps the shutter and it's in that split second, that a great photo is caught. Timing and a sensitivity to what is happening makes all the difference.

These are some of my favorite images which come from the "in between moments", when only one person sees me and is caught with a fresh expression.

KiJa : That first seeing each other and then the kiss, no interruption or interference from my part, I am just there to capture with sensitive eyes what is happening each moment.

Emily and Mat: We were just on our way to do the bridal party grouping and there was so much excitement and energy in the air. I love to shoot when there is movement as I find there is a naturalness and beauty come out in the act of walking and moving.

2 Men: I was shooting the Family groupings and these two French brothers were just waiting, on the sidelines, for their turn to be photographed. They were deep in conversation, so alive and animated.

M Benedicte Verely
47 Washington Street Suite 2
Warren, Rhode Island, 02885
Tel: 401 245 7091

Saturday, December 1

Kristen Jensen Photography

A beautiful wedding captured by Kristen Jensen her words
This is my favorite wedding from 2007. Lauren and Frank were a wonderful couple to photograph and the day was perfect. All shot on May 27th, 2007 in New York City.

Shot #1: This is Lauren getting dressed at her upper Westside apartment. I love how delicate she looks and always prefer natural light to flash.

Shot #2: This was really fun to be in the front seat of a retro NYC cab cruising down to Park Avenue to 84th Street. I love this shot of Lauren with her father in the cabs rear view mirror. It captures the happiness and joy of the moment.

Shot #3: This was too sweet of an image of Lauren looking at her father after arriving by cab at the church. Sort of a last glance at her Dad before becoming a married lady. Dad’s proud reflection in the window makes the shot really special.

Shot #4: This is one of my all time favorite shots of Lauren and Frank. It was shot right after they were married at the church on Park and 84th Street. They look like movie stars!

Shot #5: The day was perfect and I loved shooting in Central Park. The Boat House is one of my favorite places in New York City. I photographed Lauren and Frank getting into the Gondola, walking through Central Park and my assistant shot them entering the boathouse for their wedding reception. See all their friends at the Boat House waiting to greet them? It was a perfect day!!

To see more of Kristen Jensen’s work go to:
or call: 1-888-278-1011

Monday, November 19

Bridal Show at Belle Mer in Newport, Rhode Island

On Sunday, January 6th - La Bella Bride magazine will be hosting a bridal show at Belle Mer and the Hotel Viking in Newport.

Traci Romano Events and Grazier Photography will be collaborating with an amazing design team to create a fabulous lounge for brides and grooms to relax in while viewing some of the latest trends in weddings.

A sneak peek into who's in our lounge:

Bridesmaids fashion from THREAD. Beauty provided by Once Upon a Bride. Floral Design by Katherine Daught Jacobs . All of these talents are part of our vendor research gallery in Connecticut- which is always FREE to use.

I am so thrilled to be working with Grazier Photography on the design and concept of this lounge. What most likely started as a sketch on a cocktail napkin [ as all best ideas do!] our collaboration has taken on a life of its own and I can't wait to share the space with engaged couples throughout New England and beyond.

If you are in the Newport neighborhood - please stop in to relax in our lounge, meet our design team, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have on your upcoming nuptials
[ style, fashion, planning , etiquette, beauty, photography ..... we are here to help!].

More detailed information to come as the date gets closer..stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 14

Badgley Mischka countdown to 2008

Here is a preview of one of the new designs for 2008 courtesy of The Knot.

The new designs are simply wonderful and will be in the studio on December 15th. We love them so much, we are buying them for our own cocktail collections. Thank you Badgley Mischka!

Monday, November 12

Thread Bridesmaid Dresses

Introducing :
Breck, Shannon, Calie and Elijah from Thread in more than 28 colors including the beautiful shades above. All dresses can be found at Traci Romano Events design studio. We love Thread!

Grazier Photography

Mattion and Enna Grazier are a dynamic husband and wife photography team from the Boston area. Their photography style is intimate and provoking. As part of our photography series Matt sent over two of his favorite images from this past Wedding Market in New York City.

Matt was commissioned by La Bella Bride magazine to cover the fashion shows.

Enjoy the pictures and make sure to visit The Grazier Photography website and blog for more of their work.


Will you marry me?

Sitting quietly on the sofa after just waking up - my 5 year old daughter Julia said to her older brother " Matthew when I grow up will you marry me?" I smirked and listened as I thought Matthew would set her straight about the rules regarding marriage. Instead Matthew offered this back to Julia " I can't marry you Julia - we live together". It really made my morning.

Julia is 5 and already thinking about her wedding plans. I really can't recall when I first envisioned my wedding. I have to say I was not one who thought about it a lot. I don't think I really gave marriage much thought until I was in college and fell in love for the first time. I guess I am making up for lost time now.

I would love to hear when everyone else first started envisioning their wedding day.. share your thoughts!

Wednesday, November 7

Cupcake Accessories

While reading the Something Old Something New Blog today I saw these adorable cupcake wrappers that Mackenzie posted about.

First I was hungry, then I started to think about what a perfect food cupcakes are. In my house we make miniature cupcakes - and stack them with frosting into buildings , towers, you name it we build it.

At weddings it is fun to pass cupcakes while guests are mingling after dinner. Pass bite size pieces for an added surprise after the cake has been served! I love passed items as much after dinner as before-- how great would passed cupcakes be with a demitasse cup of hot chocolate on the side?

Hmmm.. I wonder if I could design an entire reception around cupcakes - hot chocolate and champagne ?
Might be fun! Scratch that ..Would be fun!

Thursday, November 1

Bruce Plotkin Photography

Bruce Plotkin - in his words...

The incredible excitement of being a wedding photographer is that each and every weekend is a totally unique experience. This past summer was a great example where we photographed weddings from Block Island to Watch Hill, RI, from Ct. to NYC. And of course the most wonderful part of this is having the opportunity to meet so may wonderful couples, many of whom have become life long friends, and to document the most important day of their lives.

And while most of our day at a wedding is spent quietly and unobtrusively photographing the " real moments" taking place, what attracts me to this particular group of photos is that each of these couples were equally eager to sneak off for a few minutes with me, to leave the crowds behind, to capture these truly memorable photographs that I'm sure they'll always treasure. I believe time well spent.

The Wedding of Wendy + Jim

Wendy is a designer for Kate Spade so her wedding had a very fun + chic feel to it. My design process was inspired by a beautiful illustration that Cheree Berry created for the save the date.

I love the vivid greens and the pinwheel escort cards while all were painstakingly done by hand were an amazing focal point embedded in wheat grass on the club's porch.
This reception took place at The Country Club of Darien in Darien, Connecticut and was photographed by the fabulous Bruce Plotkin who will be sharing his favorite photographs soon.

This wedding was featured in The Knot Metro New York edition and Westport Magazine.

Tuesday, October 30

A Barbados Destination Wedding

I couldn't help but post about the very first wedding I collaborated on with Charles Maring. It was a beautiful destination wedding at Sandy Lane in Barbados. It was an amazing experience and I am thrilled to still be working with Charles and Jennifer today on many different projects.

This wedding was featured in Modern Bride Magazine and to this day is still one of my favorites.

Maring Lifestyle Photography

As told by Charles Maring...

I love this image because it resonates what it feels like to be a New Yorker. With a vintage theme, this moment was captured just outside central park on an unusually warm day in January. Couples should think outside the box artistically for their actual wedding album. You can always have the standard color photograph as an 8x10 on the mantle, but I feel the album itself should make an artistic statement that is like nobody else's in the world. Art should be one of a kind.

This bride entered the ceremony via a path in the trees with all of the guests lining the path with candles. This type of moment takes a photographer with a lot of skill, and that knows how far they can push their camera. It is also literally impossible, technically speaking, without the most state of the art and expensive cameras and equipment. Flash would have not only blinded everyone in the dark of night, but would have ruined the ambiance of the image. I love this because it has a romantic glow and feels just like the moment felt in real life. We work without flash even in the dark of night in most cases. The results are just like they look to the eye and the way the higher powers that be planned them. It's organic, it's spiritual, and beautiful to look at.

Moments like this are present at every wedding, and it is so sad that they are missed by most. We look for real moments that are understated, yet magical. Each couple is completely unaware of the camera, and it leaves couples with a true story in their album. After all, who wants their wedding album to look like a fake or fictional dream world, when the world we live in is already awe inspiring?

Photography - An Intimate Series

Introducing a series on wedding photography. Over the next few days please enjoy the artistry of some of my favorite wedding and lifestyle photographers in the world. I have been fortunate enough to work with most of these individuals and am thrilled to share their art.

The first artist in this series is Karen Hill of Karen Hill Photography.
In her words...

My Favorite Photos

There are so many photos to choose from! I have chosen three B&W's that I love. I went to art school so my reasons are more photographic than anything else, but I love the moments recorded in these images, they feel very real.
To me, these images transcend the wedding and become something bigger, something
that describes a more universal feeling. They are memorable moments that connect the viewer to them.
Looking for these moments keeps me engaged and continues to challenge me. It makes my job as the photographer very rewarding. My clients are happy with my work and that makes me happy!

Thank you for sharing Karen!

Fashion, Food + Fun with Badgley Mischka

Join us on Saturday November 10th for a Badgley Mischka Trunk Show! We will feature styles from the 2007 and 2008 collections - Mom's and Maids - these are for you! While shopping enjoy a 10% discount on all purchases made on Saturday.

Arrive early or stay late to visit with Jennie Fresa of Jennie Fresa's Beauty Library. Jennie will teach you techniques for " the perfect lip " and how to avoid shine.

Enjoy a highly stylized brunch and mingle with Metro New Yorks top photographers.

Call the studio to schedule your appointment : 203.354.9791

Saturday, October 27

Favorites - Jewelry + Bags

Selecting the right accessories can make or break an outfit of any kind - especially a wedding day ensemble.

Here are some of my favorite pieces for a bride or wedding party:

Nancy Cohen's handcrafted semi precious jewelry captivates. Her designs can be customized with more than 13 different stones.

Viv and Ingrid

Bag Addiction
Lauren Scherr

Mary Norton

Judith Leiber
While the pricepoint on these bags may not be for everyone, some of Judith's designs can be borrowed from Bag Borrow Steal