Tuesday, August 25

Congratulations to The Amazing Laura Snyder and her Family

Every once in awhile we meet people who make us want to be better: better humans, better business owners, better mothers, better friends etc..... The Synder Family gave me that experience. Mrs. Snyder would start every phone call to me with " Hello Sunshine !"....... I first met Mrs. S and Laura on a crazy night when all could have gone wrong - I was in a new cast and on crutches, I had my children in the studio and it was Mommy double tasking at its best. They were divine. I am so happy to share their wedding photo's. The wedding which took place in Mexico was the perfect setting for this beautiful couple. The photo's speak for themselves........

From the bottom of my heart I thank them for letting me be a part of their big day! xoxoxo

[ ps ...look for more on the pages of the current issue of Town and Country ]


Love Letter: Mark Twain to Livy

I could not resist sharing one more......

From Mark Twain (author) to his wife, Livy on her thirtieth birthday, 27 November 1875

Livy darling,

Six years have gone by since I made my first great success in life and won you, and thirty years have passed since Providence made preparation for that happy success by sending you into the world. Every day we live together adds to the security of my confidence, that we can never any more wish to be separated than that we can ever imagine a regret that we were ever joined. You are dearer to me today, my child, than you were upon the last anniversary of this birthday; you were dearer then than you were a year before – you have grown more dear from the first of those anniversaries, and I do not doubt that this precious progression will continue on to the end.

Let us look forward to the coming anniversaries, with their age and gray hairs without fear and without depression, trusting and believing that the love we bear each other will be sufficient to make them blessed.

So, with abounding affection for you and our babies, I hail this day that brings you the matronly grace and dignity of three decades.

Always Yours

Monday, August 24

Ronald Reagan Love Letter

As so many of our current clients are saying their "I Do's" so many more are celebrating anniversaries this season. I stumbled upon this Anniversary Letter from Ronald Reagan to his First Lady and thought I would share it today.....Enjoy!

Ronald Reagan ~ March 4, 1983

Dear First Lady

I know tradition has it that on this morning I place cards Happy Anniversary cards on your breakfast tray. But things are somewhat mixed up. I substituted a gift & delivered it a few weeks ago.

Still this is the day, the day that marks 31 years of such happiness as comes to few men. I told you once that it was like an adolescent's dream of what marriage should be like. That hasn't changed.

You know I love the ranch but these last two days made it plain I only love it when you are there. Come to think of it that's true of every place & every time. When you aren't there I'm no place, just lost in time & space.

I more than love you, I'm not whole without you. You are life itself to me. When you are gone I'm waiting for you to return so I can start living again.

Happy Anniversary & thank you for 31 wonderful years.

I love you

Your Grateful Husband

Tuesday, August 18

Congratulations to Christine and Thomas!

Many Congratulations to Christine and Thomas who were married last weekend at The Stamford Yacht Club. Victoria Souza captured all of these amazing photographs. Check out the full story on her blog !

Sunday, August 16

Introducing our First Annual White Sale 8/18-9/18

Enjoy Spectacular Savings August 18-September 18 on all Designer Sample Bridal Gowns in our Studio. Schedule your personal appointment by calling a Stylist at: 203.354.9791 .
White sale appointments are available :
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Friday, August 7

Our Brides Love Sara Gabriel

We are huge fans of Sara Gabriel's Veiling and Accessories at TRE and so our are Brides. Here are some of the hottest pieces we are currently featuring in our Studio:

"Wendy" a stunning piece that can be worn in many different ways for different looks throughout your ceremony and reception. This piece is completely customizable as well!
"Breanna" is great on its own or pair it with any of Sarah's Veils to create your own design!

The "Marielle" Flower Comb is Romantic and never fails to get a "OOOOOOH" by our brides. This piece like all of Sara's other designs comes in many different colors with different stone options and other pieces that with coordinate with it.