Wednesday, April 9

Food on a Stick

Cotton Candy on a Stick
Smoked Salmon Pigs on Black bread from Peter Callahan Catering

Really? Yes, Really. Why not?

How fun would it be to incorporate some of these great savory items into your cocktail hour or for a little soirée in your home? The sweet items would be ideal to pass while guests are dancing at your reception. I love to pass items all night. Why shouldn't someone be serving you delectable treats until the wee hours?

Great Sources of Inspiration

The Blond Giraffe | Home of the Key Lime Pie on a Stick - *and* they dip it in chocolate- LOVE!

Peter Callahan Catering
The king of cool HD's

Your Local Caterer... check with them on fun innovative items you can serve ...[ miniature] Brownies , Cheesecake , Cookies, Donuts, - ... all on a stick. Then go the extra step and find a cool way to pass these fun items.

I once did a party with Chris Bracken from Culinary Concerts...he placed mini ice cream cones in a bed of m+m's on a great tray. It was simple and chic.

Go have fun!

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