Thursday, May 22

Chocolate Mint

While doing a recent "catch-up" on some blog reading , I saw a post on Steve Depino's site about his Jasmine Plant. It quickly reminded me of my love of Chocolate Mint.

I discovered this little prize while at the Greystone Campus of the Culinary Institute of America

The company I worked for in my twenties sent me, along with some other folks from around the country to an intensive week long cooking class - glamorous , no?
I love NAPA! I had been to the campus many times before when it was still Christian Brothers. My family lived outside of San Francisco - and my parents dragged us on many trips to Napa. Then when Mark and I were first dating - we went out several times- as self proclaimed " foodies" and wine lovers - this to me was paradise.

Anyway.... while at this class - we would go out to their gardens every morning and cut the herbs we would need for the day. This is where I met " Chocolate Mint" . I used to keep it in my Chef Coat pocket so I could take it out and smell it when needed most. The Chef's weren't exactly like Gordon Ramsey ..but they were very intimidating. The mint gave me my zen back.

The mint and some very panicked phone calls to Mark [ who did graduate from the CIA in New Hyde Park]. I would sneak away , and use a pay phone, there were no cell phones back then [ gasp!], and say things to Mark like.... "They just gave me potatoes, eggs and Chicken... tell me what to do". He would respond to me with " Traci, I am at work ... just make a Francaise". to this I would say " a what?, If I could make that I wouldn't have called".

Now, off to find a chocolate mint plant.....

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