Thursday, July 31

Gotham Hall

[gorgeous previous event at Gotham - courtesy of Gotham Hall Website ]

Last night I attended a great event at Gotham Hall. The theme of the event was " The Four Seasons". I very quickly bumped into Matthew Wagner, Dotty and Geoff Boka

Who were enjoying all of the inspiring food presentations. The food for the evening was provided by Thomas Preti Caterers and Great Performances.
One of my favorite presentations was the "Winter Station" designed by Thomas Preti. This station featured among many other items a Savory Pop Tart toasted in Retro Style Toasters for each guest. My photography does not do it any justice. It was great and then right next to it was an individual portion of veal meatloaf on a bed of mashed potatoes- yum!

These Savory Popsicles by Thomas Preti were adorable Fun Sips by Great Performances

Ron Ben-Israel is always a delight, and was kind enough to share a photo moment !

The Four Seasons theme was presented in the food stations as well as all decor including lighting. The walls were lit in the rotating themes. During one of the last winter scenes it also started snowing - A great event!

[ again, not a great photo, but if you look closely you can see the Winter Scene depicted over the entire wall- it felt almost like being in a snow globe]

Congratulations to Gotham Hall- it was a great event .

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Allison McNamara said...

Hi Traci,

It was such a pleasure to finally meet you! Too bad we couldn't get a picture of Team 4 with you...maybe next time. It really was a great event and with so many in a attendance it was made all the more exciting. The "Winter Station" by Thomas Preti was my favorite presentation as well -- the pop tarts were such an innovative idea (and very tasty!). I look forward to seeing you again!

Allison (Team 4, PRL)
ps. Love the website!