Sunday, November 16

Design Inspriation

Want to know an odd source of inspiration for me? Tom + Jerry. Stay with me .... If you think about it, Tom + Jerry provide scene after scene of physical comedy without ever saying a word, yet there is a full storyline [ though some would argue this point ]. With the help of musical accompaniment and sound effects there is a production.

In a reception atmosphere - we can not stand on a table and say " this is connecticut chic " the ambiance and decor selections must speak for themselves . The surrounding must project our concept for us, which is why it is so important that each design element speak in harmony. Out of place design items, musical selections or poor attire choices provide a visual interruption that block our message.

Have you ever heard someone come home from a reception and say it was so beautiful but " the flowers blocked my view " or " the band was to loud" or " we waited to long to eat". These are interruptions that could have easily been avoided.

Great design is not about individual elements it is about creating an environment for entertaining.

Tom will always chase Jerry that is expected , as much as a bride and groom will always marry and then host a reception - but the true excitement lies in how it happens.

Watch a great movie, read a page turning book, see a broadway show - as each chapter unfolds it tells more of the story and leaves you wanting more! Isn't that also what you want in a fabulous party?

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