Sunday, November 22

DCA Meadowlands

Last week I was very happy to attend the networking event at The Darien Community Center hosted by Roe and Bill of Festivities Catering. Festivities is the exclusive caterer at The DCA. Over 300 people attended. It was fabulous to see so many dear friends but to meet new colleagues as well. A big congratulations to the team at Festivities for a very successful event.

I snapped a few photo's with my blackberry but must admit I did not get very many great shots. I will post the professional images when they are available.

Justin Marantz and Christopher [ I loved the Hat!! ]

Cole Slaw from The Fish and Chips Station

Jennifer Braga, Jerome Braga , Megan Dey and Robert Norman [ The Photog. Crew ]

Lindsey from Fresh Lime Events, DD Nickel - Beauty Queen, Lindsey from Sixpence and Jennifer Braga- photographer

Bosco and Roe thanking everyone for attending

This was a "must show" for me. DD Nickel was sporting this great vintage bag. It had a loop on the back of it that she wore on her wrist. I was dying over it !!

Alison from The Plumed Serpent, Jamie from Jamie Collins Photography and Your Truly - Special Votive lighting provided by Jerome Braga.

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Jerome Braga : Studio1923 said...

Votive lighting is the new black. ;-)