Thursday, November 1

Bruce Plotkin Photography

Bruce Plotkin - in his words...

The incredible excitement of being a wedding photographer is that each and every weekend is a totally unique experience. This past summer was a great example where we photographed weddings from Block Island to Watch Hill, RI, from Ct. to NYC. And of course the most wonderful part of this is having the opportunity to meet so may wonderful couples, many of whom have become life long friends, and to document the most important day of their lives.

And while most of our day at a wedding is spent quietly and unobtrusively photographing the " real moments" taking place, what attracts me to this particular group of photos is that each of these couples were equally eager to sneak off for a few minutes with me, to leave the crowds behind, to capture these truly memorable photographs that I'm sure they'll always treasure. I believe time well spent.

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