Thursday, February 21

Erin Cole Buying Weekend

I am so excited about this weekend. I spent last night unpacking the giant box that Erin and her team sent to us for our big buying weekend!

We have over 50 pairs of earrings, more than a dozen tiara's/combs, brooches, crystal hair pins, flower hair pins and more veils than I could count. The jewelry alone filled our over sized conference table.

Erin's design approach to accessories is classically elegant. Designs range from truly classic to a more contemporary classic design - all are exquisitely crafted and can be customized for our brides!.

There really is something for everyone - and to make it even more fun we are introducing amazing promotional pricing for this weekend only.......

Buy One Accessory - save 10%

Buy Two Accessories - save 15%

Buy Three Accessories - save 20%

If you have your dress bring it in-- it you have a picture of it, bring that - if you want to pick out a dress from our studio that resembles yours..pick it out, put it on and work with an expert to style your accessory wardrobe!!

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