Tuesday, February 5

Holtz Weddings

The amazing Ron Holtz.... in his words:

When Traci asked me to pick out a few favorites from the last few weddings I have covered, I knew exactly which ones to show. For me it really is true that I love all my brides and the few posted here are no exception.
I am always amazed how graceful these women are considering the pressures of the day. To be able to show the joy that they feel is very rewarding for me as well as a historical record of the day that the couple will always cherish. Sure the men look great in the pictures as well, but everyone knows it is always about the bride.

I just loved Aillen and Chris and he was crazy mad for his new bride. Very, very sweet.

Out to the Hamptons in October for Amanda and Nick, who got married on a beautiful farm owned by an artist. She is obviously happy and in love, no?

Alison has this incredible combination of beauty, grace and warmth. To be involved in her wedding with her gracious family was an honor.

This is my wife, Elizabeth, applying makeup(she works as many weddings as her schedule permits) on Catie, an actress who married a very cool country doctor. They were married on his estate in August with the temperature in the upper 90's, which broke a record for that day. Hot fun.

I have not seen a groom where white since John married Yoko. This should be a trend as I thought the Michael looked fabulous. Did I mention he was obsessed with the Beatles? I flew to California for this wedding, so maybe it is a West Coast thing.

I posted a slide show for those of you who would like to see more of my work. Http://www.ronholtzphotography.com/HW will get you there.

Till next time,

Ron Holtz
417 5th Avenue, Penthouse
New York, NY 10016

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