Friday, June 20

Tented Weddings - Part One

The idea of designing a structure from the ground up is an amazing challenge and opportunity. So often in magazines we get to see the finished product but not the "behind the scenes" into what it really takes to get to the magazine ready stage.

For the last wedding we produced I took a lot of photo's of the installation process.
This particular field was not level so the installation of the tent began two weeks prior to the wedding day, required a structural engineer and in some areas was raised 5 feet off the ground. In total there was 15,000 square feet of tenting provided by Stamford Tents.

Once The Tents were up and secure.... load -in began

Main Tent w/ Dance Floor Down, Tables in place and Lighting Design in process..
[ Three Days Before Wedding ]
Main Tent with Lamp Shades now Installed
[Two Days Before Wedding]
Cocktail Tent -Some Design Elements beginning to take shape.
[Two Days before Wedding]

Cocktail Tent
[One Day Before Wedding]

Front of Tent - Side Walls Up, Tractors in Place, Flags Blowing
[Day Before Wedding]
more to come.....

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