Thursday, June 5

What should the Flower Girl Carry?

Look at these cute ideas for flower girl baskets.... The bottom two photographs [pictured above ] I have saved in my " cute files" and don't have the source.... if you are out there let me know! The top one is from a past wedding- guess where we bought the baskets ?......Christmas Tree Shops!

You can find all kinds of great containers out there for your little beauties to carry. Sometimes a relative has an old handbag that can be re-styled , try handmade wooden boxes with handles , or silk bags that are made of the same fabric as the bridesmaid dresses many ideas.

Don't want to get crafty or sew.. Midori makes it easy with these great bags!

This one is from Miss Priss Style.

Whatever you choose just make sure its lightweight and easy to carry. A happy flower girl is VERY important.

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