Tuesday, January 20

A Conversation with Lisa Hoffman founder of Ceci New York

photography by Karen Mordechai

At Traci Romano Events, we have been fans of Lisa Hoffman from Ceci New York for years. She is truly a visionary and leader in the Wedding/Event Industry. We are thrilled that she shared a bit of herself with us today... enjoy!

When and Why did you decide to start Ceci New York?
I started Ceci about 5 years ago. But the real catalyst was when I was working at a design firm in San Diego (my home town) and I was hired to design the Bridal Registry Kit for Macy's and Bloomingdales and all the Federated department stores. It was the first time I started conceptualizing weddings and my coworker who was engaged loved what I was doing and asked that I design her wedding invitations. I approached it as a design challenge rather than a pre-templated invitation card and created my first Ceci Luxe book invitation, it was an instant hit! - I was then offered a job in New York in the web design world designing brands and websites for Fortune 500 companies (Major League Baseball, Hotwire, Eluxury, Tylenol, etc.) but I missed paper and the tactile qualities of print design so much I started designing invitations on the side. Applying the thinking I put into corporate brand design and 'branded' each of my events. My clients loved the concept of having me create their "brand" and/or imagery for their event... it seems to have created a trend! My name was passed around and soon the demand became a full time job!

Where does your design inspiration come from ?
Vintage architecture and glamorous mid-century interiors, intricate tile patterns, and ornate fabrics, but above all turn of the century couture fashion designers have always fascinated me... Every couture gown was completely fabricated and designed specifically for each customer. I love the artistry, craftsmanship, patterns and fine quality that these designers embodied and I strive to offer that level of service. Yet living in New York I just can't help but be influenced by the raw energy and creative edge that the City puts out...as a result my concept for Ceci has always been "downtown style meets classic elegance".

Do you have a favorite color combination ?
Orange will be important and I love the bright cobalt blue. Purple is a huge trend right now but I see that being replaced by stronger color pops mixed with soft grays. Spring is a time for rebirth and typically brings brighter palettes. However, the metallics will continue to carry over from 2008. I think with weddings, champagnes, golds and silver metallics will always be in fashion (desirable).

Is there a design tool that you could not live without? my creative mind and my eyes - if I lost one of those, I would be nothing.

Out of the four White Label Collection Concepts and which resonates with you most? - I love them all but the Destination Collection does at the moment stand out to me. Maybe it's because I am personally planning my own destination wedding. The collection is inspired by travel, culture and sophistication - all elements that are important in life.

Favorite vacation spot?
any where where there is a gorgeous beach, warm sunshine and peace and quiet. But if I had to name one - I had an amazing experience at the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They take care of every detail for you. Their tag line states "Where heaven embraces the Earth" - I couldn't agree more!

Favorite restaurant in the City?
Right now I'm loving ALTA . It's this little cozy gem of a place in the West Village. It's great to go with friends because the entre├ęs are small, tapas style- perfect for sharing! I personally LOVE to eat and love it even more when I get to share and sample a variety of delightful new flavors through out the meal. Plus ALTA has incredible sangrias - perfect compliment.

Thank you for sharing Lisa!!

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