Wednesday, January 28

Lelek Loves: Giving

I love to 'give back'.  The idea of 'giving back' to your community or to communities you don't even know, is often met with same attitude permiating life today - I'm too busy. I feel just the opposite: the busiest people are often the people who do the most for their communities, friends and families.  So as you run from work to the dry cleaners to home, turn your brain on and realize how you too can give back. 

Cathy, designer of Princess Bands, loves to give back too and has made it is for brides. If you make a purchase with Princess Bands, Cathy will donate 10% of the cost to the charity of your choice. How easy is that?

There is certainly no shortage of worthy causes and it is easier than ever to find a charity that matches your concerns and meets your standards. Check out Charity Navigator for smart giving practices and visit Global Giving to search by your interests and support grassroots projects . 

Happy helping! 

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