Monday, February 2

Stanton Social

I moved to New York City immediately upon graduating from college-- right into my first job at Viacom as a professional " butter pointer". That is the girl in the Company Cafe that answers all the questions of the guests - " where is the ...?" " is there soy milk...?" It was a self proclaimed title that I rather enjoyed. There were a group of about 10 of us who were all hired from Hospitality/Culinary Schools to all work in NYC for the same company - ARAMARK. We were young , wide eyed and eager to to succeed. One of the other new hires and part of our newly formed butter pointer group was Chris Santos. Years after meeting Chris, he actually became one of our roommates. While I focused on Hospitality, Chris focused on Culinary. He was a graduate of Johnson and Wales and had a fiery passion for great food. Most of our original group has gone on to do phenomenal things with their careers and Chris is no exception.

Chris is owner and Chef of Stanton Social in New York City. It is one of my favorite restaurants and not just because Chris is the Chef. Check it out for yourself. On the menu is an eclectic and international tapas selection- make sure to try the Maine Crab Cake " Corn Dog" and the French Onion Soup Dumplings.

I am excited to be taking my team there tomorrow night for a late dinner after we attend a cocktail party at Banchet Flowers.

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