Tuesday, October 27

St. Barths

As the weather is getting cooler, and I am ready to take off for warmer ground... I am reminded of many of my favorite travel destinations - St. Barths is a HUGE favorite!

Map of Hotels via The Insiders' Guide

Eden Rock is a favorite place to stay amongst visitors who opt for a
Hotel versus Villa Vacation. I have eaten but not stayed here.

I have stayed at the hotel below- The Hotel Guanahani

I love the way The Guanahani uses color throughout their Hotel. I have a painting from the Hotel Gift Shop which is in my guest bathroom that is full of all of these great colors. I fell in love with the painting while we were in St. Barths and my husband surprised me with it when we got home!

The Carl Gustaf Hotel is another great choice- if you don't stay here --go for dinner

One caveat regarding St. Barths ....If you are squirmish about flying this may not be the best destination for you. My front lawn is bigger than the runway!

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