Tuesday, October 6

Top Ten Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony

Is there anything more beautiful than to have a ceremony in your own backyard? This was a shot we got during set up of a ceremony last weekend. I adore outdoor ceremonies but there is quite a lot of planning that goes into making it work well.

1. Always have a Tent on stand-by. ALWAYS!

2. Invite Guests 30 minutes prior to ceremony start time. It is challenging to settle guests when they are not in a house of worship - so don't fight it. Give them time to say hello to old and new friends/family.

3. Make sure you offer your guests a fun and refreshing beverage before service , non-alcoholic please!

4. Notify all neighbors in advance of wedding. A thoughtful note and bottle of wine go a long way. Your neighbor mowing his /her lawn during vows or kids splashing in a pool would be less than ideal.

5. Amplify. Amplify music and the service itself.

6. If Ceremony is outside , your Reception probably is as well- Your event team will need to adjust their load-in schedules so that this is complete prior to ceremony call time. This might mean some overtime charges but at least you won't see the band rolling in as your guests are seated.

7. Have bathrooms easily accessible to Ceremony. Rent if necessary.

8. Mow and spray for bugs the day before the Ceremony.

9. During Rehearsal, have your Bridesmaids and Mothers/Grandmothers walk down the aisle in the shoes they will be wearing on your wedding day. Wedges and flats are an outdoor girls best friend.

10. If driveway is anywhere near Ceremony site make sure your valet team stops cars or last minute deliveries before they can be seen/heard.

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