Saturday, December 22

Justin & Mary - Justin Marantz Photography

Justin & Mary - In their words:

Some of our all-time favorite pictures actually aren't from weddings at all, but from the "get to know you" shoots that we do with every couple that books with us. Our business has been built from the ground up around relationships- relationships with each other, other photographers, our awesome vendor friends (and no one is more awesome than Traci!:), and especially our relationships with our clients. It is 100% because of these relationships that our business has been able to grow as fast and as much as it has.

So, when I look back at our favorite shots and think about how we were able to get them, it always goes back to one important principle that has become the foundation of our business:

our clients are our friends.

And, I have to say... I don't know how we keep getting this lucky, but we have the BEST clients in the world!!

We spend so much time just hanging out with our clients and really getting to know them. You just can't get the level of comfort that we all strive for with our clients without sharing some of your life with them too. And this starts for us from the very first meeting and goes well beyond the wedding day; which is why we were so blessed to have so many of our clients-turned-friends with us at our own wedding this past October.

By far, the most important thing we do for building these friendships is the "get to know you" shoot with our clients when they first book us. We actually got this idea from our dear friend & awesome photographer out in Utah, Davina Fear.

We start with a "GTKY" sheet that asks a bunch of fun questions about the kinds of things the couple likes to do together or places that they've been. Then we also include our own answers so that they have an idea of what we're looking for and get a chance to know us better too. From their answers we plan an entire themed shoot just for them, and we'll spend all day hanging out & shooting it. It's not unusual at all for us to start over breakfast and end well after dinner. And you can see for yourself all the fun that we have in between!

In case you couldn't tell...we LOVE our jobs!!

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