Monday, December 17

We recently had the pleasure of working with M Benedicte Verley Photography
this summer. The wedding of Emily and Matt [ pictured below ] is featured in the Spring/Summer 2008 of Brides Connecticut which is out in the stands now and available in our studio.

In Bens words....

There is a magical moment when the finger snaps the shutter and it's in that split second, that a great photo is caught. Timing and a sensitivity to what is happening makes all the difference.

These are some of my favorite images which come from the "in between moments", when only one person sees me and is caught with a fresh expression.

KiJa : That first seeing each other and then the kiss, no interruption or interference from my part, I am just there to capture with sensitive eyes what is happening each moment.

Emily and Mat: We were just on our way to do the bridal party grouping and there was so much excitement and energy in the air. I love to shoot when there is movement as I find there is a naturalness and beauty come out in the act of walking and moving.

2 Men: I was shooting the Family groupings and these two French brothers were just waiting, on the sidelines, for their turn to be photographed. They were deep in conversation, so alive and animated.

M Benedicte Verely
47 Washington Street Suite 2
Warren, Rhode Island, 02885
Tel: 401 245 7091

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