Tuesday, September 15

What do you do to get "un-stuck" ?

My "Thinking Beach" at Sunset

We all have ways and methods we use to spark creativity...but what do you do when you are completely stuck?

This is something I struggle with myself, but I do have some techniques that often help me:

I have a "beach" I call it my " thinking beach". It is a small private beach and only has parking for for about 10 cars. Especially at this time of year and through the winter it is a fabulous place to go to be at peace. Often just being there helps to clear my mind.

I also try to do things that are not in my normal routine - like taking in a baseball game

Fenway Park

I am a big Red Sox fan, but don't often get the chance to head up to Fenway. This year I was able to take my son and nephew to a game and it was great to experience the fun through their eyes. They loved the game but I think they most enjoyed singing Sweet Caroline and doing the Wave!!!

Culinary Institute Greystone Campus

If you are really "Stuck". Try taking a class in something you love. I once took a class at The CIA Greystone campus in Napa. Napa is one of my favorite places to visit, but actually taking a class was an amazing experience.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

If you are in the Metro New York area ....have you ever walked across the Brooklyn Bridge? I even spent a year working in Brooklyn and never crossed the bridge by foot until this past May. Once over the bridge we went for ice cream here at the Factory - YUM. If you don't want to walk back you can take the Water Taxi.

As creative service providers we often get stuck, but our clients do as well. They have very difficult decisions to make throughout the planning process of their weddings. It is not always the biggest decisions such as Dress or Venue that can make them "stuck" in the planning process. It is often such a small detail like a favor or song that block their ability to focus on the fun of planning. I have found for my clients some simple things such as taking a dance class as a couple or heading out for a "date night" where there is no talk of the wedding can be very beneficial.

I would love to know what you do to get "un-stuck"................


Susan Terese said...

living in NYC, it always helps me to take a walk over to Central Park, and once there just sit on a bench and relax or, go for a run along the river :)

julianne smith said...

great post! to get "unstuck" i take a complete break and do something totally different than what has me stuck. putting it out of my mind helps to refresh me for when i come back to it. thanks for sharing!

Traci Romano Events said...

Thanks Ladies! I love the ideas.

Charles said...


I found your site from reading Sean Low's blog. Enjoyed reading your posts this AM.

We all like getting in the groove, but even the best of grooves can become ruts if we stay in them too long.

A good portion of my "un-sticking" process involves reading blogs from folks outside of my direct field. Other points of view on myriad topics help me see what great minds are thinking. That alone gets me out of a rut.

Also, it's hard to beat a good walk/run/bike ride to get away from the computer as well.

Charles Gupton