Tuesday, October 30

Maring Lifestyle Photography

As told by Charles Maring...

I love this image because it resonates what it feels like to be a New Yorker. With a vintage theme, this moment was captured just outside central park on an unusually warm day in January. Couples should think outside the box artistically for their actual wedding album. You can always have the standard color photograph as an 8x10 on the mantle, but I feel the album itself should make an artistic statement that is like nobody else's in the world. Art should be one of a kind.

This bride entered the ceremony via a path in the trees with all of the guests lining the path with candles. This type of moment takes a photographer with a lot of skill, and that knows how far they can push their camera. It is also literally impossible, technically speaking, without the most state of the art and expensive cameras and equipment. Flash would have not only blinded everyone in the dark of night, but would have ruined the ambiance of the image. I love this because it has a romantic glow and feels just like the moment felt in real life. We work without flash even in the dark of night in most cases. The results are just like they look to the eye and the way the higher powers that be planned them. It's organic, it's spiritual, and beautiful to look at.

Moments like this are present at every wedding, and it is so sad that they are missed by most. We look for real moments that are understated, yet magical. Each couple is completely unaware of the camera, and it leaves couples with a true story in their album. After all, who wants their wedding album to look like a fake or fictional dream world, when the world we live in is already awe inspiring?

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