Tuesday, October 30

Photography - An Intimate Series

Introducing a series on wedding photography. Over the next few days please enjoy the artistry of some of my favorite wedding and lifestyle photographers in the world. I have been fortunate enough to work with most of these individuals and am thrilled to share their art.

The first artist in this series is Karen Hill of Karen Hill Photography.
In her words...

My Favorite Photos

There are so many photos to choose from! I have chosen three B&W's that I love. I went to art school so my reasons are more photographic than anything else, but I love the moments recorded in these images, they feel very real.
To me, these images transcend the wedding and become something bigger, something
that describes a more universal feeling. They are memorable moments that connect the viewer to them.
Looking for these moments keeps me engaged and continues to challenge me. It makes my job as the photographer very rewarding. My clients are happy with my work and that makes me happy!

Thank you for sharing Karen!

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