Monday, October 22

Market Week in NYC

With two days under our belts at market - all I can say is *AMAZING*. The 2008 collections are so inspiring from Bridal to Bridesmaids, Accessories and everything in between we are so excited about bringing these designs into the studio.

Here's my five minute recap:
Where we are calling home :
SOHO Grand , right around the corner from my old NYC apartment. Most events are taking place in Midtown at the Waldorf and Intercontinental - a quick YUKON ride from the Grand [ yes I brought the YUKON - its part of the family ].

Our favorite purchases so far:
1. Anything and everything by - Erin Cole I love all of our new baubles I think my favorite new piece is an absolutely breathtaking vintage lace cathedral veil - it really took my breath away
2. New designs from Thread - Yes, they will make you love being a bridesmaid . These new deigns are chic and will absolutely take you from the aisle to your next soirée , or date!
It was great to meet Melissa from Thread as well. We have a great picture of Diane and Melissa that will be in our photo recap - -stay tuned.
3. We also bought many new designs from Lynn Lugo - we loved meeting Lynn and Peter in person - they are great people and very talented designers. Look for shorter hems from all bridesmaid designers - higher waistlines and an overall ready to wear feel.
4. SHOES ! We will now be featuring Blue Tux shoes in our studio. Look for metallic silver, gold and bronze bridesmaid shoes to be arriving soon.
5. Tigerlilly - We had the pleasure of meeting Mandy from Tigerlilly. Our favorite buy with Mandy was a gorgeous bracelet that she is custom designing for us to be worn as a bun wrap - Thank you Mandy for letting us chat with the ladies from The Dressing Room in her suite!
6. Our commitment to our clients as a design studio is that we feature extraordinary designs that you can not find elsewhere. Beautiful pieces,most of which are or can be custom deigned--- In keeping this commitment we met with Lela Rose. Lela designs a couture bridal line that is unlike anything else in the bridal market. Her designs are chic and romantic - I am thrilled to announce Traci Romano Events will be featuring Lela's designs in the near future.

okay ... lots more to come - including major namedropping + editorial on the runway shows and parties we attended.

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