Sunday, October 7

Shhh! They're Coming

I am so excited by a recent splurge for the studio. A few weeks ago Kristen and I jumped into the Yukon and headed for The Essex House in they City. I must say for an ex-city dweller I still don't like driving in the city- although short of running out of gas the drive was very smooth.

Once inside the Essex we went straight to the Sansappelle Suite where I couldn't contain the spending. Recently purchased by Margo Ten Eyck [ who we love ]- the couture line is stunning. It is perfect for Mothers of the Occasion and Evening Soirees. Margo shops the markets in Paris for her fabric and every detail is breathtaking.

All of our little buys will be arriving on December 31st - What a New Years Gift. I will continue to post images of the new line as I get them.

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