Tuesday, October 9

You want to make a memory?

When I was on my honeymoon [ almost exactly 12 years ago] climbing to the top of a crater I stopped in my tracks -literally as I suddenly smelled the scent of a perfume my Nana wore when she went to Ladies Auxiliary meetings and on special Holidays. My Nana passed away when I was 9 years old ... which made the experience that much more amazing.

In thinking about the power of scent today I immediately recalled that crater and my grandmothers perfume. The smell of her perfume had the ability to bring me back to being a little girl in her house watching her get ready to go out.

The perfume you wear on your wedding day has the ability to create memories for a lifetime. It is one of the details which should not be overlooked when styling your wedding day wardrobe.

Your perfume selection does not need to be expensive, just unique to you. It was rumored that Katie Holmes purchased Clive Christian No. 1, one of the most expensive perfumes in the world, which retails for $2,350 an ounce for her wedding to Tom Cruise. Yikes!

So ladies, let the perfume shopping begin! Deviate from your traditional perfume picks and go on a sensory discovery. Actually stop in the aisles of Department stores and talk to the ladies you normally dodge with their perfume wielding hands.

Search for layering options like Jo Malone [ some of my favorites ] and other perfumeries that create scents for you like CB I Hate Perfume.

Enjoy the Journey!

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