Monday, October 1


Thank you so much to everyone for all of your love and support over the last several months. While we are still searching for a diagnosis for our son we do have some great leads and have met some of the most amazing doctors and visited the incredible facilities in which they practice.

Mark and I can't say enough about Yale New Haven Hospital. From the first time we arrived in August via ambulance to the continual care while admitted we are grateful.

From the constant and [almost daily check-in ] from editors of bridal magazines to catering directors, general managers, cake designers, rental companies, photographers, clients who used their connections to find us the best care possible, to my staff and extended family of event professionals I am astonished and touched by your caring, guidance and love.

My love for what I do and the people I do it with has kept me grounded and focused.
To those of you who I have not connected with as much as usual please know you are deep in my thoughts.

I want to particularly express my thanks to friends and colleagues who have been so brave as to share their own stories of family members and friends who have suffered from medical and mental illnesses.

I know one day soon we will uncover our current mystery . Until then, Matthew [ whose name means ' gift from god' ] is back to attending school and enjoying his friends and family. Matthew is a genius - literally, and I know he will make his mark on this world by touching people the way all of you have touched us.

All my LOVE!

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