Tuesday, October 23

This is Where it All Started

About one year ago - we hosted a party in SONO at Chocopologie which is owned by the amazingly talented Fritz Knipschildt - who I am happy to also count as a friend. After hosting this party I was invited by Jamie Collins to pop in the next day to visit her studio and it was also a food network taping day at Sweet Rexies's with " Ham on The Street". So Julia and I jumped into the Yukon and we met with "The Ham" who is hysterical and then I found *IT*.... Our new studio! There was a vacant studio next to Jamie Collins Photography and I new in that instant that I had to have it. It was one of those " a ha " moments. Fast forward to today and we are now in the space for six months - It seems like yesterday. I am just as thrilled as I was the day I first saw the studio.

Pictured above are Mary Marantz and former model turned divine photographer Kristen Jensen. Kristen, Jamie and Mary's work are always available for viewing in our studio. They are members of our research gallery which is complimentary to anyone wanting to find the best and most trusted vendors for their weddings.

Pictured above is Kristen Jensen with Bruce Plotkin[ also a gallery member ]. Below is The Ham with my little peanut - Julia!

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