Wednesday, October 3

What to wear to Vendor Appointments?

This may seem like a very pedestrian topic...but read on it is interesting!

One of my favorite clients came to my studio last week and said " the florist is mad at me!" After further questioning I realized he was upset because she wore sweats to the meeting.

It wasn't that he wouldn't also like to be in sweats or that he didn't realize working all week in the city in manolo's and chloe dresses wasn't tiring. It was that he wanted to learn more about her sense of style and wasn't able to get a good idea of it while she was in her sweats and flip flops.

Hmmmm...While I actually use design worksheets with clients to define their style profiles with them I realized that some artisans such as this particular floral designer needed to see the visual right in front of him.

I also seem to recall [ and I must go back and read ] in a book that Colin Cowie wrote where he also felt it was important to dress appropriately for vendor meetings.

I see their point! I am not sure I agree - but I am not closing the door on this topic yet. I get to see my clients a lot more than most vendors so their visual presence and style may be harder to ascertain with limited face to face meetings.

Aside from this, whether you have on: jack rodgers, manolo's , nike or crocks [gasp!] you are always welcome through my doors!


Lynda Houghtaling said...

I couldn't agree more. I am a wedding planner in the Northern part of the state and completely believe in making the right first impressions not only for style sake but for sheer measure of professionalism. Love the site and best of luck to you with the new boutique. Oh, and ditto on the crocs issue - yuck!!!

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Traci Romano Events said...

Hi Lynda-

Thanks for the note! If you are close by stop in and visit one day. We would love to give you a tour!